Headteacher Performance Management

Governing boards have a responsibility to hold headteachers to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils. The appraisal process is an annual cycle whereby governing boards continuously monitor and evaluate the headteacher’s progress in achieving strategic priorities. A formal annual appraisal meeting is the endpoint to the annual appraisal cycle.

National Governance Association


The Catholic Primary Partnership has a team of experienced external advisors (see below) that can work with schools to support the governors and headteacher through the performance management process.

For just £495 your external advisor will:

  • provide a pre-visit report for governors.
  • provide an objectives matrix for governors and headteacher.
  • meet with governors and headteacher in person or virtually to set and review targets.
  • provide notes of meetings and agreed objectives.

If you would like to arrange an external advisor for your school, please complete the form below.

External Advisors 2021/22

Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen

Debbie has worked in primary education for 22 years. She has been a headteacher for 11 years. In addition, Debbie has a professional qualification for school inspectors and a master’s degree in education.

Currently working as a school improvement consultant, she is passionate about challenging and supporting schools to develop and realise their vision in providing an exciting, engaging and effective learning journey for all pupils.

Debbie’s areas of interest and specialism are: early years English, primary education leadership development and training, performance management support and challenge for school leaders.

Karen Davies

Karen Davies

Karen has worked in education for 37 years. Her knowledge, skills and experience have been developed across all phases of education – specifically in primary education and leadership but including adult education.

Karen inspected primary schools, as an Ofsted inspector, for 10 years and has both an honours and master’s degree in art and education.

Karen was Head of Service for School and Governor Support at Birmingham City Council and is now keen to continue making use of her most recently developed skills as well as drawing on her experience as a school improvement consultant.

As a chair of governors, Karen is actively involved in headteacher performance management – as an appraiser, as well as providing her services as an external advisor to governor appraisal panels. In addition, Karen has trained many governors in effective headteacher performance management.

Tony Kenny

Tony Kenny

Tony worked in primary education for 35 years in four different schools. The last 22 years were as headteacher of two schools.

Tony has successfully been through six inspections, five as a headteacher, and is passionate about staff well-being and developing well motivated leaders. In addition, Tony has experience of managing several ‘Peer2Peer’ reviews which have led to schools evaluating both areas of success and areas of development, which in turn, guided schools to notable improvements.

As well as performance management for headteachers, Tony is currently working with Birmingham University on the development of their master’s degree for senior school leaders.

Alison Sturgess

Alison Sturgess

Note: Alison will be retiring at Christmas 2021 and therefore is not taking on any new schools.

Alison started teaching in Birmingham schools in 1983 and continued to work in a range of schools in various roles, including leadership positions until 2006. She then spent five years with Birmingham Local Authority as a national strategies consultant and school improvement advisor, specialising in English, leadership and delivering professional development.

After completing headship roles, Alison joined DRB as an educational advisor, serving schools in many local authorities from Hereford to Hull!

Since 2018, Alison has worked as an independent educational advisor (ALS Primary Learning), supporting schools in various ways in school improvement, headteacher performance management and curriculum/leadership development.

Julie-Anne Tallon

Julie-Anne Tallon

Julie-Anne is the Director of the Catholic Primary Partnership.

Julie-Anne taught for 22 years in four very different Catholic primary schools in Birmingham. She left headship in 2020, after 11 years of leading a successful two-form entry Catholic primary school. She has experienced several Ofsted inspections, three as headteacher.

In addition, Julie-Anne has mentored newly appointed headteachers for both the Archdiocese and the Local Authority.  She is an experienced Section 48 inspector and has carried out inspections in both Birmingham Archdiocese and Plymouth Diocese.  She is an associate member of the National School of Formation and has presented as a key-note speaker on Catholic leadership at the Catholic Leaders Conferences in both Salford and Plymouth Diocese.

Eileen Walker

Eileen Walker

Eileen taught for over 20 years in both primary and secondary schools, specialising in maths and special needs. Prior to retiring from headship in 2017, Eileen was the executive head of two Catholic primary schools in Birmingham.

Following on from leading her school through an outstanding Ofsted inspection, Eileen became a National Leader of Education (NLE) and trained as an Ofsted inspector in 2013. Eileen has experience of being a headteacher in a Teaching School.

Eileen attends relevant training each year to ensure she keeps up to date with leadership matters and thoroughly enjoys continuing to serve Catholic education.

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