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    Hugo Metcalfe

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Zoom Session
Zoom Session


Thu 23 Jan 2025


09:00 - 12:30

Developing a Whole School Wellbeing Strategy

Focus: Catholic Life
For: Person(s) who lead wellbeing in school


If your school’s wellbeing strategy is held by only a few people, then it’s just a ‘Project’. To cultivate a lasting and sustainable wellbeing strategy at your school, you need to encourage engagement from the ‘Whole School’, that’s students, staff, leadership teams and parents.

In this workshop you will explore different strategies to encourage a Whole-School perspective including effective communication, identifying ‘Blind Spots’ and ’Sticking Points’, encouraging engagement, engaging with external stakeholders, cultivating culture, maintaining commitment and adapting to change. For any investment in school wellbeing to be worthwhile it needs to form part of a sustainable approach, in this workshop you will explore how to make that happen.

Director’s Note:

You will be asked by governors, Ofsted, staff: ‘How are you supporting well-being in school’, if you want a real answer that has real impact, join this session. Make it real and worthwhile, not a ‘wishy washy’ nod in the right direction.

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