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Zoom Session
Zoom Session


Thu 27 Mar 2025


09:00 - 12:30

Resilience Programme for Young People (Day 1 of 3)

Focus: Leadership and Management
For: Deputy and assistant heads, SENDCOs, teachers, TAs


The Happiness Backpack: An Evidence-Based Wellbeing and Resilience Programme For Young People

Train The Trainer Programme

Resilience describes the ability to tolerate and adapt to change and adversity. Developing skills in emotional literacy, self-regulation, self-care and positive psychology can help children and young people build their personal resilience. Being pro-active in supporting young people to look after themselves means we don’t have to be as reactive when they experience challenges.

The Happiness Backpack is a psychologically-informed and evidence-based wellbeing and resilience program designed to encourage young people to build personal resilience. Through a combination of simple activities and accessible strategies this program provides young people with tools to effectively tolerate change, manage distress and seek support when they are struggling.

The train the trainer program will equip your staff with the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to deliver The Happiness Backpack resilience and wellbeing programme to young people.

Multiple Sessions:

This is a three session programme. All three sessions must be attended.

  • [1] Thu 27 March 2025
  • [2] Tue 1 April 2025
  • [3] Mon 7 April 2025

Please note: If you book one of these sessions, then we will automatically book you on the others. So you only need to submit one booking.

Director’s Note:

This course is a gift! It’s helping you to have a member of staff that can train your whole team on developing pupil resilience. How many times to people say ‘they’re just not resilient enough’? Well do something about it. Get a couple of staff booked on.

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