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    Andy Hind
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    Andy has over 30 years of experience, within education, including Headship, National College of Teaching and Leadership Consultancy and OFSTED.

    He is currently the Senior Consultant with Enhancing Learning Ltd and is supporting schools across the U.K., Europe and Asia with school improvement, leadership development (Head Teachers, Senior Leaders and Middle Leaders), outstanding classroom practice, NQT professional development and Teaching Assistant development.


Zoom Session
Zoom Session


Wed 18 Jun 2025


09:30 - 11:30

Deputy Head Programme (Day 6 of 6)

Focus: Leadership and Management
For: Deputies, vice-principals, assistant heads, aspiring senior leaders


Module 6: Legacy (Cornerstone 3: Preparation)

Six Dimensions has been designed to explore the role of Deputy Head/Assistant Head in moving a school towards outstanding and keeping it there. For future educational leadership to have a continual impact, there is a need for all senior leaders to master and demonstrate a modern set of leadership behaviours and attitudes.

This programme offers the knowledge and skills to enable senior leaders to articulate a vision for increasing the effectiveness of continuous improvement and to design and implement an appropriate strategy for whole school improvement that is focused on maximising pupil outcomes. It addresses the ‘big picture’ of what contributes to organisational success and the role played by Deputy Heads/ Assistant Heads in optimising cultural conditions that maximise learning through focusing on results.

The programme has been designed around three key cornerstones and six modules with each module developed around an inquiry-approach towards educational leadership, engaging participants in deep professional thinking and learning. A range of learning processes and protocols will be adopted, ensuring full engagement and an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals at a national level.

The final two virtual modules will focus on supporting participants in developing a clear vision for future school improvement. Education is full of well-intentioned changes that have been poorly executed. Any change must lead to significant improvement and it is essential for senior leaders to understand not just the ‘why?’ but also the ‘what?’.

Aspects explored during these modules include: Thinking differently about the future of school improvement; Critical analysis to identify future needs; Identifying key principles for future success; Creating choppy waters – All staff in the learning zone; Prioritising for future success; Developing of inquiring minds and attitudes; Professional Development – A time for a rethink.

Multiple Sessions:

This is a six session programme. All six sessions must be attended.

  • [1] Mon 23 September 2024
  • [2] Tue 26 November 2024
  • [3] Fri 7 February 2025
  • [4] Tue 18 March 2025
  • [5] Thu 8 May 2025
  • [6] Wed 18 June 2025

Please note: If you book one of these sessions, then we will automatically book you on the others. So you only need to submit one booking.

Director’s Note:

Really support your deputy in their leadership journey. Get them booked on this!

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