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  • Susie Spolander
    Susie Spolander

    As an experienced English consultant, Susie works nationally and internationally with schools, academies, partnerships and organisations to develop and improve all aspects of English across the primary age range.

    Prior to establishing her independent consultancy business, she worked as a Primary Strategies Literacy Consultant and then as an English Consultant for Oxfordshire County Council’s School Improvement Service.

    Susie has written, developed and led a wide variety of training events, programmes and projects to address current local and national educational priorities and, in recognition of this work, has been awarded the Gold Quality Mark for Professional Development by the London Institute of Education.


Zoom Session
Zoom Session


Wed 17 Jan 2024


09:00 - 11:00

Developing Writing in KS1 for Teachers

Focus: Curriculum
For: KS1 teachers and English subject leaders


The EEF guidance Improving Literacy in KS1 advises schools to teach pupils to use strategies for planning and monitoring their writing and to promote fluent written transcription skills by encouraging extensive and purposeful practice and explicitly teaching spelling. Join this interactive online course that focuses on developing the skills of effective writing in KS1, as well as the enthusiasm to become a writer.

This course encompasses the key elements of writing – transcription, fluency and composition. Recent research and guidance will be shared, along with the associated subject knowledge of these key elements, and participants will have the opportunity to explore a variety of practical, proven approaches for teaching and developing each aspect in the KS1 curriculum. We will focus on equipping children with the skills, confidence and motivation they need to become proficient, enthusiastic writers.

Participants will:

  • develop an understanding of the elements of writing and the associated skills and strategies for effective teaching and learning
  • consider the range of approaches to teach and develop writing skills and how they can be used effectively to meet learners’ needs
  • discuss the use of success criteria and quality, focused feedback for writing
  • explore the development of meaningful discussion throughout the writing process
  • acquire practical ideas for use back in school

Director’s Note:

Get your KS1 teachers booked on this and then book their TAs on the next one. What a great way to address writing issues in KS1.