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  • Susie Spolander
    Susie Spolander

    As an experienced English consultant, Susie works nationally and internationally with schools, academies, partnerships and organisations to develop and improve all aspects of English across the primary age range.

    Prior to establishing her independent consultancy business, she worked as a Primary Strategies Literacy Consultant and then as an English Consultant for Oxfordshire County Council’s School Improvement Service.

    Susie has written, developed and led a wide variety of training events, programmes and projects to address current local and national educational priorities and, in recognition of this work, has been awarded the Gold Quality Mark for Professional Development by the London Institute of Education.


Zoom Session
Zoom Session


Wed 7 Feb 2024


09:00 - 11:00

Writing – A Whole School Approach to Teaching

Focus: Curriculum
For: Lead teachers


Gaining Consistency – a whole school approach to teaching the writing process

The 2020 EEF guidance for improving literacy echoes the National Curriculum in its recognition of the writing process: Writing can be thought of as a process made up of five components: planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Effective writers use a number of strategies to support each component of the writing process.

This online session will consider and explore:

  • the stages of the writing process and the focus of each
  • the progression in National Curriculum expectations for each stage of the process
  • how schools can build a writing curriculum that provides progression in the process
  • how to develop a shared understanding of the writing process across your school
  • effective and consistent teaching and learning approaches to ensure maximum impact on pupils’ writing

This course is part of the ‘Gaining Consistency’ series: a programme of CPD for those with a top-level view of the English curriculum in primary schools, focused on looking strategically at ensuring progression in the strands of the English curriculum, both across and within year-groups, and developing effective whole-school approaches to teaching and learning within each strand. Each session will focus on a different aspect of English, meaning that schools can take part in all sessions or choose those that are most relevant to their school development priorities.

Multiple Sessions:

This is a series of four sessions. Each session will be stand alone, therefore it is advisable but not essential for staff to attend all sessions.

  • [1] Tue 10 October 2023
  • [2] Tue 7 November 2023
  • [3] Wed 7 February 2024
  • [4] Wed 7 March 2024

Please note: You will need to book each of these sessions individually.

Director’s Note:

You’ve asked for help with getting consistency. Here it is.