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  • John Murray
    John Murray

    John is a recognised specialist in developing children’s reading and comprehension.

    The creator of Reading Explorers, Top Class Comprehension and Reading Rocketeers, his seminars and CPD training focus on the teaching, learning and enjoyment of reading.

    An independent Literacy consultant, he aims to support schools to improve their performance and secure best practice. Above all, it is to ignite within us a passion for books and a genuine love for the written word.


Zoom Session
Zoom Session


Wed 20 Sep 2023


13:00 - 15:30

Shared Reading and Reading Intervention

Focus: Curriculum
For: Teachers, SENCOs, TAs, reading leaders, English leaders


The course will begin by considering 12 key reasons that contribute towards a learner’s ability to comprehend.

Consideration will also be given to Jane Oakhill’s seminal work on how readers understand text at word, sentence and whole text level and discuss the implications this has for developing a strong and effective Reading Intervention programme within your school.

We will also explore how this might look across both Key Stages and the reasons for this, with a particular focus being given to looking at the difference between Shared Reading with non-functional readers in Key Stage 1 and transitional readers in Key Stage 2.

Using two lessons from the classroom, John will demonstrate how the pedagogy that underpins a good Reading Intervention programme can be transferred into the classroom with success.

The first lesson will focus on the structure and process of a Shared Reading session, and discussion will take place as to what contributed to its success.

The second lesson will explore different techniques and an alternative structure to this lesson using an example of how it was adapted for a Key Stage 2 classroom.

Practical, engaging and pedagogically sound, this course is particularly useful for those who teach in Key Stage 1, lower Key Stage 2, SENCOs and those who work with less confident readers.

Director’s Note:

A wonderful way to support your amazing teachers, TAs and leaders in what high quality Reading Intervention really is.