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  • Alex Finn
    Alex Finn

    Alex is an educational consultant specialising in Phonics and Early Reading. She has over twenty years’ experience working in Early Years and Primary education as a teacher, senior leader, and Local Authority moderator.

    As the founder of Sound!Start Phonics and developer of the Sound!Start Phonics for Letters and Sounds complete SSP programme, Alex has created a range of classroom resources and assessment and intervention materials which are used in schools across the country. She is well-known for delivering engaging and insightful training for schools and other organisations across the UK and further afield.


Zoom Session
Zoom Session


Thu 20 Jun 2024


13:00 - 15:30

Phonics and Early Reading

Focus: Curriculum
For: Headteachers, senior leaders, phonics/reading leads


Supporting leaders as they review and evaluate current practice and set SIP targets for 2024 – 2025

This training will cover:

  • The key principles of effective practice and provision for Phonics and Early Reading.
  • What to look for when reviewing and evaluating current practice and provision.
  • How to identify and prioritise your next steps A high focus on the impact of your current practice on the lowest 20% readers will be maintained throughout the session.

Attending the session will:

  • Ensure leaders understand the key principles of effective practice and provision for Phonics and Early Reading.
  • Support leaders to review and evaluate current practice in relation to these principles and to identify clear next steps for moving forwards within their specific school context.
  • Build confidence with articulating current strengths and sharing clear SIP targets within a Reading Deep Dive.

Director’s Note:

This session is here on purpose, it’s an absolute gift to support the writing of the action plan for phonics and early reading next year.

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