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  • Dr Helen Bradford
    Dr Helen Bradford

    Dr Helen Bradford is an independent early years consultant.

    A lifelong early years educator she has garnered extensive experience of child development 0-5 through her roles as an early years teacher, early years teacher trainer, as an academic leading and teaching early years and literacy Masters degrees, and now, independent consultant.

    Her specialist areas of expertise are children’s language and literacy development from birth. She is a specialist in the 0-3 age range, having written extensively on child development across this age group.

    Her work additionally includes a focus on children’s wellbeing, and appropriate (enabling) environments.


Zoom Session
Zoom Session


Thu 21 Sep 2023


13:00 - 14:45

Child Development Birth to Five following the Global Pandemic

Focus: Leadership and Management
For: School leaders, EYFS team


Child Development Birth to Five following the Global Pandemic​. What are our expectations now?

  • To explore why a child’s early experience shapes their brain from birth.
  • To explore how children thrive through exploring relevant theories for growth, alongside the importance of understanding the significance of early attachment.​
  • To consider what it means to develop at the ‘right’ pace: an exploration of milestone characteristics and developments of children from birth to five.
  • The research evidence outlining the impact of the Covid-19 global pandemic on children’s development.

Director’s Note:

Get your EYFS Team on this.  You’ve told us that lockdown has had a negative impact on EYFS and you need more training.  Here it is.