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  • Oliver Welsby
    Oliver Welsby
    Brightcore Consultancy

    Delivering comprehensive, reflective, and transformational training and consultancy.

    Oliver is a safeguarding and mental health consultant and trainer, with extensive experience in pastoral leadership as both a DSL and a Senior Mental Health Lead.

    He leads Brightcore Consultancy; a team of consultants who have a particular focus on enhancing safeguarding and mental health provision in education settings.

    He is both an Advanced Safeguarding Trainer and Senior Mental Health Lead Trainer.


Zoom Session
Zoom Session


Mon 4 Sep 2023


10:00 - 11:00

Keeping Children Safe in Education Update 2023

Focus: Catholic Life
For: All staff


During this one hour virtual session we will cover the key7 changes and themes within KCSIE-23 to ensure that all staff are up to date with the latest statutory requirements for people working in Education settings.

There is also a quiz to asses understanding.

Sign up one member of staff only.

Director’s Note:

This is a session that all schools have to do. We are trying to save you a job by sorting this for you. Plan your first day back around this, it’s one job ticked off the ‘to do’ list. Sign up one person to be the lead, they will have the link to the session (show it on one device in the hall). This person will receive the quiz and it is their job to share it and collate responses.