We would like to thank all schools for their support of the Catholic Primary Partnership work in Catholic schools in Rwanda. We are aware that this support may have been carried out by others, before some of our schools joined the partnership, and indeed, when some of our school leaders were students themselves. However, as one Catholic Family, we have made a difference.

For nearly 20 years, this support has been in place.

Below is the photo of the graduation of Joseph N. Joseph was helped by funding from the Catholic Primary Partnership whilst in Secondary School and University. Joseph was a street boy for 2 years. In July 2022, Joseph asked the Holy Sisters to share with us the news that he graduated in Statistics and then sat an exam to become a teacher this year. Joseph wants you to know how much he appreciates your support.

The Catholic Primary partnership aims to continue to support the Catholic schools in Rwanda and asks that school consider this when asking pupils to select international outreach as part of their Catholic Social Teaching work.

Joseph N's graduation