As the Catholic Primary Partnership enters a new chapter, under new leadership, it was essential to revisit the vision and mission of the organisation. The partnership was set up by Catholic headteachers, to support and serve Catholic headteachers.

It became clear that it was time to re-visit our Vision Statement and share it with our stakeholders and beyond.

Our vision is to S.E.E.

  • S – Servant Leadership: Mission Integrity – a commitment to Servant Leadership; evident through interactions, service and SUPPORT to all.
  • E – Excellent CPDF : Inclusive of Leaders at all levels – developing all stakeholders to be the person God has called them to be and empowering them to develop the children in our care to achieve their best.
  • E- Evolving:  A culture of constant evaluation, reflection and improvement to provide the very best for our schools.

We are committed to being a Catholic organisation moulded by the example of Christ, we are committed to servant leadership. We strive to provide excellent CPDF, to ensure all stakeholders are given every opportunity to become the person God has called them to be. We want to constantly evolve, nurturing a culture of constant review, evaluation and planning for next steps to review what we’ve done and build upon strengths to offer our schools the very best.

With that in mind, in May 2021, the Management Board decided to amend the name of the Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership to the Catholic Primary Partnership. This is to ensure that all of our member schools based outside the city of Birmingham feel fully included and valued.

Catholic Primary Partnership