As we start to move towards Lent, I thought I would write to update you on issues around our Lenten Appeal, for our on-going work in Rwanda.

I would like to start by saying a big “thank you” to all those schools that have supported this work in any way over the past ten years.

This year we hope to complete the following projects:

  • BCPP will continue supporting two students through their studies
    – Joseph Ngendahimana is in his second of four years of his course at university. He is studying statistics. His family are very poor and currently have not got a house to live in.
    – Joseph Nkeshimana is at teacher training college. His course is a four year one specialising in every aspect of special needs. He also is at the end of his second year of studies. The support needed for each student is £300.00 for the entire year.
    TOTAL COST: £600.00
  • In addition, we will continue to support three day students in their studies at a cost of £100.00 each for the year
    TOTAL COST: £300.00
  • Mara Primary School, like Kiruhura, has classrooms in need of re-roofing due to termite infestation. The total cost to re-roof three classrooms will be between four and five thousand pounds.
    TOTAL COST: £4,900.00
  • The nursery classroom at Kiruhura has very little in the way of resources. An allocation of £750.00 will be made to equip the classroom.
    TOTAL COST: £750.00
  • This year we will support the six pupils with their various needs, who until recently were supported by a Australian benefactor who has sadly now passed away.
    TOTAL COST: £1,700.00
  • We will continue to ensure that all primary children who need uniforms or footwear in order to attend school receive support.
    TOTAL COST: £500.00

The overall cost therefore for this year’s projects is £8,750.00

If every child in our Partnership schools brought in 40p, we would raise £8,800.00

I urge you to consider making this project one of those you will be supporting over the period of Lent and beyond.

In conclusion, I want to thank you for your continued generosity in regard to this work. I know from taking many assemblies in our schools, how interested pupils and staff are to hear news about the on-going work and how anxious they are to have a direct influence on the lives of the children of Rwanda through their giving. Please thank them for this most valued work. If you would like me to come and take an assembly on Rwanda, during or after Lent, please get in touch with the BCPP.

The Sponsoring of Forty Students through their Education

It costs only £120 per year to sponsor a child. This covers:

  • School fees
  • Food
  • A bed
  • Uniform
  • Exercise books
  • Examination fees
  • Costs of food and lodgings

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please contact the BCPP.