Projects to be carried out in 2012/13


Build three classrooms for five to seven year old children.

The BCPP built a nursery unit on the school site some time ago. Further development was hampered by issues regarding land ownership. These have now been resolved.

The Sisters in Tanzania now urgently need to build classrooms to accommodate children finishing their nursery education.

Children in the Primary 1 class are already receiving their education in the Headteacher’s office.

The approximate cost of this project is 37 million Tanzanian Shillings ($25,000) (£15,500).


Continue sponsorship of twelve secondary aged pupils. These now cost £250.00 per sponsored child for the academic year and cover:

  • School fees
  • Food
  • A bed
  • Exercise books
  • Uniform
  • Examination fees
  • Boarding fees (£3000.00)

In addition, £300.00 is needed to sponsor four children who need day rate support. These cost £75.00 each per academic year and cover:

  • School fees
  • Exercise books
  • Uniform
  • Examination fees (£300.00)

Several houses in the very poor community of Kiruhura need re-roofing. One house needs a complete rebuild. This work will cost approximately £2000.00.

The total needed to meet these commitments is therefore £20,800.

Please consider donating some of the monies raised by your school or parish during Advent and Lent towards meeting the costs of this work. Other cash donations are welcomed throughout the year!