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One of the services provided to Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership, (BCPP), member schools is a range of services from companies who have been included in the Catalogue of Services as preferred suppliers. These companies provide a range of necessary quality services at preferred rates. However, to ensure propriety, it has become increasingly evident that a clear protocol for the appointment of these companies is agreed by all concerned. The following details in this document set down this protocol:


Health and Safety

The company should have a clearly laid down Health and Safety procedures for its employees and customers. A copy of this policy should be made available. Any company working in schools should acquaint themselves with each schools Health and Safety procedures and ensure that these are strictly observed.



All employees who may be working in a school should have DBS clearance. An assurance to this effect should be given and copies of DBS certificates should be made available if required.


Equal Opportunities

The company should have a clear Equal Opportunities policy and copies of this made available if required.


References and Recommendations

At least two references should be provided. Details of any schools, particularly BCPP schools, for which the company has provided a service, should be provided, together with any reference/ recommendation.


Discounts and Management Commission

Prior to giving approval for preferred supplier status, the company should clearly set down any special discounts for BCPP schools and any Management Commission that will be earned by BCPP.


Quality Management

The company should provide monthly or quarterly, (as agreed), feedback on any work undertaken in BCPP schools.


Preferred Supplier Status

Provided all these conditions have been met, the company may be included on the BCPP Preferred Supplier list. However, in the interests of fair and open competition, it should be made clear to the company in question that this does not necessarily mean 'Sole supplier'.


BCPP Branding/use of Logo

There may be occasions when it is in BCPP's interest to brand the service under the BCPP banner (e.g.'BCPP online through eteach' and 'CPSS'). This will be subject to the Director’s and/or Management Board’s approval. Similarly, the use of the BCPP logo in any publicity material will be subject to the Director’s approval.


Best Value

Whilst every effort will be made to obtain the best price and a quality product, schools will be free to choose whether they wish to make use of any BCPP service. Consequently the onus will be on schools to demonstrate 'Best Value'.