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Plans 2008 to 2010

Rwanda: Plans 2009 to 2010



Sponsorship Proposals

The Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership hope to sponsor forty plus children through their education during the next two academic year.


Building Proposals

It is hoped to build two additional classrooms at Kidjicki near Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, as the children from the nursery unit move up to first and second year primary. Building costs have doubled over the last year and the cost of the build is likely to be much higher than the cost of the nursery unit. It is hoped that the community will contribute either in matched funding or in fitting out costs.


The roof on the orphanage at Ruyenzi is made of asbestos. It is proposed that this should be replaced by a roof made of corrugated iron at a cost of £4000 approx.


The reservoirs completed in the Water Project now need some repair work.


The building of additional classrooms at Mara is proposed.



The Management Board may also consider the following:


  • The purchase of sports equipment
  • The provision of desks and blackboards at Mara
  • Sponsoring a Sister through her university studies for a year