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  • Hugo Metcalfe
    Hugo Metcalfe

    Hugo is the founder and lead psychologist at Inmind:Insight

    All training Hugo hs delivered for the partnership has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Tue 16 Nov 2021


09:00 - 12:00

Young People’s Mental Health for TAs

Focus: Catholic Life
For: Teaching assistants


An overview of young people’s mental health post Covid. Whilst this is aimed at TAs, teachers who would like a light touch overview of Young Peoples Mental health are very welcome.

This may also be part of your NQT and NQT+1 support package.

One in six young people experience a mental health disorder. Therefore, understanding young people’s mental health and evidence-based support strategies is essential for anyone engaging regularly with Young People, including parents, teachers, support staff and professionals.

This training workshop is designed to give delegates the knowledge, skills and tools to understand current issues and information concerning young people’s mental health and wellbeing, provide the skills to identify early warning signs and offer initial support.

The Program Aims

  • DEVELOP an understanding of Young People’s Mental Health.
  • IDENTIFY common mental ill health conditions, signs & symptoms and common factors that influence young people’s mental health & Wellbeing.
  • DEFINE the most effective approaches and strategies to support young people to develop skills in stress management and wellbeing.
  • DISTINGUISH tools for supportive conversations and strategies to build personal resilience.


Director’s Note:

TAs are often the first ones dealing with the results of mental health issues with our pupils and yet we haven’t formally trained them with how to deal with this. This is a MUST for your TAs. It could also be part of your NQT and NQT+1 support package.

Why not buy additional places and train ALL of your support staff? For very little cost, all support staff would be hearing the same message. Let them access it from home? A win win all round.