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Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Wed 16 Feb 2022


09:00 - 12:00

Practical Differentiation: Excellence for All

Focus: Curriculum
For: All early years and primary school staff


During this course, Sue Cowley will explore the subject of differentiation, looking at the background to the policy of inclusion and what this means, both for children who have specific needs and on a practical basis for teachers in classrooms. She will demonstrate how differentiation can happen in a wide range of ways, demonstrating that it is as much about subtle changes to your classroom practice, for instance in the way that you use language, rather than about planning lots of different tasks.

In the sessions Sue will share realistic and practical ways in which you can better meet your children’s needs, without creating unreasonable workload for yourself. She will give you a range of practical strategies, ideas and tips that will help you better meet the needs of all your learners, including those children who have SEND and children with English as an Additional Language. She will also look at how you can create stretch and challenge for your high attainers, through creating depth in your curriculum.

Director’s Note:

Send as many class teachers as you can. Sue is great.