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Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Tue 25 Jan 2022


09:00 - 12:00

Mentors in Violence Prevention [MVP]: Module 1 of 2

Focus: Catholic Life
For: Year 5 and 6 staff, and really great for secondary transition


Three-hour training from the VRU. MVP is a peer lead leadership programme for children which takes the bystander approach. It is a fully resourced programme which is docked into the PSHE curriculum.

Through the use of scenarios, discussion and reflection activities you will challenge, empower and promote a culture of safety and inclusion within the student population while promoting critical thinking and developing character through the values sessions are based on.

Multiple Sessions:

  • [1] Tue 25 January 2022
  • [2] Tue 1 February 2022

Please note: If you have booked one of these dates, then we will automatically book you on the others. So you only need to submit one booking.

Director’s Note:

Our pupils are facing challenges outside of school that they need support with how to deal with. This will support a member of your staff team to deliver this in school (Why not send two staff members, so they can work on this as a team?) This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the well being of pupils beyond the school gates, preparing them for the challenges of life in modern Britain.