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  • Helen Owens
    Helen Owens

    Helen is an independent School Improvement Consultant based in the West Midlands. Her work in schools has been commended by headteachers, HMI and Ofsted.

    Her 27 years in education are wide and varied – teacher, senior leader and LA School Improvement Consultant. She has a wealth of experience and a rich knowledge in whole-school improvement. She provides individual schools or groups of schools with bespoke advice, support and training.

Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Thu 2 Dec 2021


12:30 - 15:15

Mathematics for KS1

Focus: Curriculum
For: Year 1 and 2 teachers (and TA’s/intervention support)


To support Key Stage 1 staff in ensuring all pupils are challenged and supported.

We will look at mathematical expectations and experiences to support pupils to reach age related expectations and greater depth. Ideas for supporting pupils who may have missed learning due to lockdown will be discussed and shared.

Director’s Note:

After the disruptions EYFS and KS1 pupils have had to their learning, Y1 and 2 teachers are dealing with issues they have not had to face before. Helen is very aware of maths issues and how to support your KS1 teachers. We’ve gone for the afternoon slot to reduce disruption to maths and phonics teaching – we hope this is helpful. Perhaps send multiple KS1 staff?