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  • Helen Owens
    Helen Owens

    Helen is an independent School Improvement Consultant based in the West Midlands. Her work in schools has been commended by headteachers, HMI and Ofsted.

    Her 27 years in education are wide and varied – teacher, senior leader and LA School Improvement Consultant. She has a wealth of experience and a rich knowledge in whole-school improvement. She provides individual schools or groups of schools with bespoke advice, support and training.

Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Wed 20 Oct 2021


12:30 - 15:15


Focus: Curriculum
For: Teachers in the first three years of teaching or anyone returning to teaching. HLTAs who lead maths groups may also find this useful


We are very aware that class teachers in their first three years of teaching have had a very disruptive start to their teaching career. Helen is an excellent Maths Provider who supports schools nationally and internationally, this CPDF will support teachers in first three years of teaching to develop their mathematical knowledge, understanding and pedagogy to support the mathematical development of all children in their classes.

We will look at mathematical progression, challenge and support and how we can provide an interesting and stimulating learning environment. Ideas for supporting pupils who may have missed learning due to lockdown will be discussed and shared.

Director’s Note:

Helen still teaches Maths, her knowledge is up to date, relevant and supportive. We are trialling running this session in the afternoon so that class teachers are still in class to teach maths in the morning. Send all class teachers in their first three years of teaching – they’ve had a rough deal, this is worth the investment.