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  • Jessica Haines
    Jessica Haines
    Director of Teaching and Learning

    Jessica is an experienced Co-Founder of multiple Education Services, including an international private tuition company specialising in the British Curriculum whereby she is Director of Teaching and Learning. She has previously worked in the full range of British Education, from Primary through to Higher Education on a variety of different qualifications and subjects.

    Additionally, Jessica has been extensively involved with government projects, particularly specialising in mental health and joined-up working between Education and Health Care professionals.

    Jessica has a passion for contemporary research and evidence-based approaches to pedagogy. This utilises the knowledge and skills she has gained from her two Masters Degrees in Education and Health Psychology. As an Education Consultant, Jessica has worked across the country supporting schools and college alike in numerous areas including SEND, SEMH, assessment, technology in the classroom and leadership courses. Internationally, Jessica has delivered training in lesson observations, managing change and the trauma-focused curriculum as well as having taught overseas herself.

Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Tue 9 Nov 2021


09:00 - 12:00

Leadership Training for SENCOs

Focus: Leadership
For: New and established SENCOs


This course is designed to provide the opportunity to explore and learn about SENCO Management and effective leadership in the Covid-19 era. We will consider our roles, responsibilities and remits in relation to SENCO. We will explore the latest government guidance and inspection requirements to ensure that you have the latest knowledge to carry out your role effectively.

Director’s Note:

The SENCO role is so important in school and post-pandemic is a real focus for inspectors. This is a must for new SENCOs and would be useful for established SENCOs. Established SENCOs will either come away with new tips and areas to develop or they’ll come away feeling positive that they’re doing it all right-either way… a winner!