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  • Dr Bogusia Matusiak-Varley PhD
    Dr Bogusia Matusiak-Varley PhD

    Bogusia has over 27 years educational experience resulting in a proven track record of improving organisational performance. She has built a reputation as an international trainer and coach, in which her common-sense approach to organisation and self-improvement puts her at the forefront of international consultancy.

    In addition, Bogusia is also a registered international inspector and has used her analytical, evaluative and communicative skills with international schools around the world. With in-depth knowledge of leadership skills, Bogusia has worked closely with numerous Directors, Headteachers and Senior Managers to turn around underperforming organisations and achieve life balance.

    Her particular skills lie in helping leaders gain a clear view of their barriers to success and to raise standards in performance.

Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Fri 15 Oct 2021


09:00 - 12:00

Inspection Refresher and Updates

Focus: Leadership
For: For senior leaders


An update on Inspection requirements and the latest information.

Director’s Note:

I attended all of Bogusia’s subject specific inspection updates last year and they were excellent. This session is to update senior leaders on updates around inspection. Attending this session saves you doing all the reading.