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Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Wed 24 Nov 2021


09:00 - 12:00

EYFS: Practical Guide to Self Regulation in the Early Years

Focus: Curriculum
For: Staff working in EYFS. It will also potentially be of interest to all primary staff who would like to learn more about how behaviour develops in the early years onwards


On this course, Sue Cowley will help you learn more about what self-regulation is, how it develops in young children and why it is so important for positive long term outcomes.

We will look at how staff can take a positive approach to young children’s behaviour, preempting issues and developing provision that meets all the children’s needs. We will explore the vital role of co-regulation in supporting children to build impulse control, empathy and resilience.

During the sessions we will look at a range of strategies that teachers, practitioners and staff can use to support the development of self-regulation, to boost children’s empathy and to help them learn ways to manage their emotions. We will look at the role of routines, agency and challenge in helping children develop self-regulation skills. We will explore how a ‘needs-based’ analysis can help you identify the best ways to support your children with their behaviour. We will also examine some ways of building partnerships with parents.

Director’s Note:

Sue is a highly respected consultant who is considered nationally to be an expert in EYFS. Sue featured on Teachers TV and supports schools up and down the UK. Having met Sue, I am very excited for her CPDF. A colleague of mine attended one of Sue’s training sessions and fed back ‘every single statement she said had impact’.