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  • Andy Hind
    Andy Hind
    Enhanced Learning Ltd

    With over 30 years educational experience, including headteacher, consultant with the NCTL and IOE and OFSTED trained, Andy is now a senior consultant with Enhancing Learning Ltd, an independent consultancy company.

    Andy is driven by a passion for improving the quality of leadership and teaching and learning and currently supports over 600 schools, educational networks and MATs, the national music service (Music Mark) and local authorities, both in the UK and internationally.

    Through a range of inspirational, thought-provoking and challenging approaches, Andy looks to assist schools in looking inwards, reflecting on their current status and growing towards being genuinely effective learning organisations.

    More recently, Andy has created a significant number of virtual professional development programmes that have received exceptional reviews and feedback. He believes passionately that virtual professional learning should have no less impact to those of face-to-face training and looks forward to connecting and learning with you in the near future.

Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Thu 20 May 2021


09:00 - 14:00

Enhancing Learning

Focus: Summer Course
For: All staff interested in enquiry based learning


Developing inquiring minds: Establishing a whole school approach to inquiry-based learning.