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Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Tue 17 May 2022


09:00 - 12:00

Developing Young Writers, inc SEND

Focus: Curriculum
For: All early years and primary school staff


On this course, author and teacher Sue Cowley will help you learn more about how to engage and inspire your children in writing, including those children who have SEND. She will examine the range of skills that go together to create a young writer, exploring ways to inspire your children to make marks in different contexts, considering different forms of communication, and looking at how you can support your children to develop their writing techniques.

During the sessions, Sue will look at practical and interesting ways to help your children develop their handwriting, improve their spelling, grasp different grammatical concepts and understand the building blocks of writing. She will explain effective ways to help your children get over the worries that can block them from getting going on their writing. She will share imaginative ideas for using challenges and provocations to inspire all your children to write.

Director’s Note:

Two thirds into the year, your class teachers really know where each writer is and which groups need to be pushed. You will know which class-teachers would benefit from support and inspiration around writing. Send them on this.