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Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Thu 7 Oct 2021


14:00 - 15:30

Curriculum Planning to Support All: Module 2 of 2

Focus: Curriculum
For: For class teachers


Part 2: Teaching for long-term learning

In this session, which is the second of two linked courses, Matt will focus on translating the curriculum plans we discussed on 30/9 into classroom practice and will explore the following:

1. How to create an effective learning environment and gain the attention of pupils’ working memories so that pupils attend to curriculum content

2. How to encode information into long-term memory by helping pupils to think hard but efficiently about curriculum content

3. How to retrieve prior learning from long-term memory so that it can be applied fluently in practice and be connected to new learning, thus creating ever-more complex mental maps.

This session will provide primary classroom teachers with an overview of cognitive load theory but also turn theory into practice by exploring a range of tangible tips for teachers.

Multiple Sessions:

This is a two part course. Both parts must be attended.

  • [1] Thu 30 September 2021
  • [2] Thu 7 October 2021

Please note: If you have booked one of these dates, then we will automatically book you on the others. So you only need to submit one booking.

Director’s Note:

Having met Matt and heard his enthusiasm and passion for learning, I’m sure these sessions will be excellent. Matt is a published author and experienced presenter, working across the UK. A really great session for class teachers wanting to develop their understanding of how to plan and teach to ALL of the children in their care.