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  • Sr Judith Russi
    Sr Judith Russi

    Sister Judith Russi SSMN has worked for many years in all fields of Catholic education, teaching, leadership, advisory, Section 48 inspection and teachers’ professional development.

    Sister Judith is the author of a variety of Catholic education books at primary, secondary and sixth-form levels. As a passionate national speaker and curriculum developer she continues to pioneer many innovative and challenging educational initiatives.
    Sister Judith is Director of Educarem and leads the Building the Kingdom Curriculum Programme across the UK.

Online Session


Online Session
via Zoom


Tue 25 May 2021


09:00 - 15:00

Building the Kingdom: Module 5

Focus: Summer Course
For: Headteachers, senior staff and those responsible for whole school curriculum who have attended modules 1 to 4


Focusing on planning and contextualising the curriculum for the term.  Each day will enable schools to share ideas from the previous training day and provide opportunities for schools to evaluate the impact of their progress to date.

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