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  • Hugo Metcalfe
    Hugo Metcalfe

    Hugo is the founder and lead psychologist at Inmind:Insight

    All training Hugo hs delivered for the partnership has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Wed 2 Feb 2022


09:00 - 12:00

Adapting to Change: Effective Tools for Resilience and Stress Management

Focus: Catholic Life
For: For CSELs, headteachers, heads of school, SLT, middle leaders, teachers, TAs. Perfect for Individuals and teams looking to improve personal resilience and develop effective tools to cope with stress and respond to uncertainty in changing times


How do we ‘thrive’ rather than simply ‘survive’ in times of uncertainty and change?

To build Personal Resilience and Adaptability we need to understand the relationship between Uncertainty, Stress and Wellbeing. Stress management and wellbeing training programs are not new. However, much of the focus has been on reducing staff stress, whilst research suggests that low wellbeing is not only a result of increased stress but also a lack of Personal Resilience.

Actively developing Personal Resilience can be up to 3x as effective in supporting Stress Management and adapting to change then standard stress management programs alone.

This session brings together the latest research on Resilience and Stress Management to build a program that develops greater awareness and supports lasting change.

Resilience is the key to lasting Stress Management

This session aims to:

  • Develop an understanding of ‘Wellbeing’ in the workplace / school environment, including key research findings, facts and figures.
  • Identify the signs and symptoms and understand the neuroscience of stress.
  • Define strategies to reduce stress, adapt to change and build personal resilience.
  • Learn individual and organisational level interventions to effectively build resilience to promote stress tolerance and growth, in times of uncertainty and change


Director’s Note:

I honestly think that stopping and investing in actively developing Personal Resilience will be a great investment of time for Leaders at all Levels. Access this CPDF at home and fully commit to it – the results may be phenomenal.