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  • Hugo Metcalfe
    Hugo Metcalfe

    Hugo is the founder and lead psychologist at Inmind:Insight

    All training Hugo hs delivered for the partnership has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Wed 28 Sep 2022


09:00 - 12:00

Time Management

Focus: Leadership and Management
For: Headteachers, deputy headteacher and department heads, as well as those seeking to improve their time-management and decision making skills


Time Management, Prioritisation and Decision Making

“I don’t have enough time”, “My to do list is already full!’, “I have to go, I have a meeting right after this one”. These statements are all too familiar in an ever-changing work environment marked by increasing uncertainty. As a result, many of us may experience a sense of increased pressure and/or stress. This in turn can impact our ability to manage our time, prioritise tasks and make effective decisions. Developing skills in time-management, prioritisation and decision-making are key components of greater effectiveness, personal resilience and stress management.

In this workshop we will explore:

  • Strategies to better manage ‘time’ and prioritise tasks
  • The practice of ‘Ruthless prioritisation’
  • The 4 stages of effective decision-making
  • ‘Decision-paralysis’ and procrastination
  • Tools to maintain motivation

Director’s Note:

When asked what is the biggest blocker to success is, most leaders at all levels say ‘not enough time!’  Perhaps this is the solution? Hugo is back as a result of your feedback.  Come and see what he has to say.  Or send that team member who struggles with this and would benefit from support.

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