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  • David Chadwick
    David Chadwick
    The Prevent Guy

    Dave is a National Consultant, Trainer and Speaker on Radicalisation and owner at the Prevent guy. He has spent the last four years working in the Education Sector to improve staff awareness, and to ensure Young People are safe from Radicalisation.

    His work has seen him play a key part in Multi Agency Channel Panel. This is where those identified as being at risk of Radicalisation are managed.

    He has worked as a Home Office advisor in Prevent and has been a first point of contact for those with Radicalisation concerns.
    His passion to improve outcomes for Young People has seen him deliver school workshops for over 40,000 students. He also delivers advanced training for Safeguarding leads/SPOC’s.

Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Wed 14 Sep 2022


15:45 - 16:45

Prevent Staff Meeting

Focus: Catholic Life
For: All school staff


Understanding how Radicalisation occurs can be complex as there is no one pathway to Radicalisation. By the end of the training today we will have:

  • A clear understanding of our duty to safeguard vulnerable people from Radicalisation under ‘the prevent duty’
  • Understand the key drivers that can leave a person vulnerable to Radicalisation and the types of groups that target these people, and how they do so.
  • Identify several of the known ideologies i.e. White Nationalism, White Supremacy, Islamist Extremism, Single Issue Terrorism, for example INCEL attacks.
  • Define some of the contextual signs and explore some of the secret codes used by extremists that share an ideology and how to recognise these codes.
  • Explore the conspiracy theory triangle and how this can be used to identify certain conspiracy theories that can be used to manipulate others through a process known as ‘back door radicalisation’
  • Have a clear understanding of how to report and concerns and the process that follows a referral being made.

Director’s Note:

We are trying something new. To save you time, we are putting on the annual prevent staff meeting. (That’s one job ticked off the ‘to-do’ list!) If your staff meeting isn’t Wednesday after school, move it. There’s MONTHS of notice! Book up and play it in the hall to all the staff. This is either a brilliant… or rubbish… idea. We’ll wait and see. Let us know.

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