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  • David Hyner
    David Hyner
    Speaker, Trainer, Author, Publisher, Researcher, Husband and Dad

    David Hyner, psae fism fpsa flpi abnlp.

    Between 1997 and 2000, he began some research interviews (as a hobby) with top achievers from all walks of life in an effort to understand how he could think and behave like them and achieve ‘more’.

    In 1999 he used what he had learnt about setting massive goals from his research to achieve his first major goal of breaking the volunteer fundraising records for four charities to prove his goal setting model.

    David started a speaking and training company (Stretch Development Ltd) which has now presented to over one million delegates globally over the last 20 years.

    Founded a niche publishing business of digital books, audio and video with multiple no1 books, and top rated video courses. A multi award winning speaker that strives to make a difference rather than seek applause. Many who have used his processes have achieved amazing success.

Zoom Session


Zoom Session


Tue 14 Feb 2023


13:15 - 14:15

Personal Effectiveness for a New Era of Teaching

Focus: Leadership and Management
For: Leaders at all levels


How to be the most effective leader of our young people we can be.

A fun, challenging and inspiring webinar that will give you the skills and confidence to be visible, empathic and courageous in your teaching and communications with others.

  • What we can learn from business leaders about leading others
  • The art of “looking INTO” (from World champion athlete Kriss Akabusi mbe)
  • Why EQ is the new IQ
  • The critical nature of our gestures and language with young people.
  • How our insecurities are a strength in decision making?
  • …and more

Director’s Note:

David is one of our new providers and is full of energy.   David works with top leaders (not just education) around the world and is going to share this knowledge with us.  It’s one hour, make full use of your membership and get someone booked on.

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