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Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership (BCPP) was established in 1995


Strategic Management of the Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership, (BCPP), rests with its Management Board. The Management Board comprises of ten Cluster Representatives, led by the Chair; currently Mr Liam Fadden, Headteacher of Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School.


The day to day management of the BCPP rests with a small team guided by its constitution and its core purpose - to promote curriculum and professional development, thereby enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in all BCPP Catholic primary schools.


BCPP also provides a wide range of additional services to support schools, promote greater efficiency and ensure value for money these include the provision of:


  • an Advisory and Support Service
  • external Headteacher performance management support for governors
  • a Catholic Partnership Supply Service
  • other services, including energy provision, school meals delivery and facilities management. opportunities to experience education in an international setting


BCPP has strong charitable links with countries such as Rwanda, having invested up to a quarter of a million pounds over twelve years, supporting education and infra-structure projects.




The Team

The Team 1 Barry Desmond Director Strategic Management & Professional Issues
The Team 2 Paul Walmsley Director Emeritus Performance Management, International & charitable work.
The Team 3 Bernadette Scullion Business and Conference Manager Training, Conference Bookings & Business Issues.
The Team 4 Peter O Hanlon Recruitment Coordinator Teacher recruitment & CPSS Coordinator